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You say: "I'm a director or a producer. I need help to build my movie."

If you run a business dealing with audiovisual entertainment, Onickz Artworks may help you in your work. We just relocated to Paris, France and invite you to contact us about your projects.

Workhalics professionals since 7 years, we work with a very wide range of clients, for big opportunities of raising together and achieving the biggest possible score.

Editing :

Feature film (Cortex), Opening credits (Disney animated TV series), short movies, music clips, documentaries with missed Christian Zuber on new Caméra Au Poing series, and with Raoul Girard (Cortex, Superman II, Never Say Never Again) on his Classe de Comédie with Francis Huster and François Florent, and a bit of Vincent Perez, all three defining the word Actor, add to it many music clips and other shows totalling thousands of hours of experience.

Come to us, our editing room is ready to take off at any required moment.

Compositing :

Recently finished 2680 composited sequences for Disney, Jetix and France Televisions at SIP Animation studios, working with Spirit team, on W.I.T.C.H. TV series as visual effects supervisor and compositor on Autodesk Combustion,
as well as currently on Mikido Animated series (La Maison / Method Films), and Combo Ninos (SIp Animation / TF1), TV ads as for Lenor (UK), L'Oreal (France) and Garnier (France), and other business presentations as for Nestlé Waters, with Autodesk Combustion or Eyeon Fusion. Presenting new products for press releases (Combustion 4 in France) and demos of Eyeon Fusion 5 for studios.

Producing & Directing:

Dozen of corporate clips for Alinea, AXA, some short movies (Diagnostic) and a clip (2Y Bday) for Electrochic night event organisers and many video clips, software publicity and demo for Autodesk / Discreet (Marketing boosting with Cleaner XL and Combustion by sharing video demonstration with how to and product keys description). Apart that, it does not make difference for us to come shooting and directing a super model at hottest Parisian nightclubs for many nights to express our client needs (as for Electrochic / The Sound) or for big events as following from backstages the And1 and other basketball teams for hardcore playing at Paris Bercy, to laying down under the net while they crush their best dunks.

Still Imagery:

Many photo shooting with pro models and worldwide deejays like Roy Davis Jr, Paul Johnson, Marshall Jefferson, as well as politician & music bands.

Art and Technical Consultant:

At studios, reviewing editing or compositing for enhancement of artistic point of view and technical workflow optimisation.

Translation :

French - English , English - French, French - Spanish, Spanish - French of your screenplays, subtitles, voice overs.

Voice overs :

Recording of voice overs with on screen media reference and synchronisation. Our database of actors let us offer you the best suitable voice.

DVD Authoring for Press :

Audio Recording, Editing, Encrypting, Encoding on both Playboy & Newlook special summer issue and on 2 others in september and october of same year, totalling 240,000 DVDs released.


For any questions about Onickz Artworks, feel free to contact us by email at contact @ cinema-production .com (please remove spaces)


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Quick listing of our clients, by alphabetical order : 1633, Disney, Electro Chic, Jetix, France Televisions, La Maison, MCM, Method, MTV, Nestlé Waters, Newlook, Playboy, TF1, Veloce Interactive